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We support the local rescue kennels

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels

About Us

A message from Mark & Catherine, Solo's Mum and Dad

Here at Q's Cat Motel, our motto is "Cat-isfaction guaranteed at all times".

Catherine and I love cats and decided to open a cattery to deliver the type of service that all feline guests deserve to receive. Come and visit the cattery, see the accommodation provided. The cattery opened on the 19th December 2006, the cattery was named after our cat Q. If you would like to see a bit about Q please click Meet Q

We looked long and hard to find the right location for our cattery. We finally found our perfect house on the edge of Ayton, a small village in the Scottish Borders, located just off the A1 near Eyemouth and 10 miles from Berwick Upon Tweed.

We are about 400 yards from the A1, giving easy access to the cattery. The location makes us ideal for dropping off your feline friend(s) before heading off on your own holiday. Parking is available beside our house at the garage. We also offer a 'Collection & Delivery' service.

As we knew we didn't want wooden units, we used Pedigree Pens to build the cattery and decided on the 'penthouse-style' to maximise the space. The cattery has been built in our garden, and is split into two blocks. The larger block consists of nine double penthouse-style pens and a smaller block consisting of three penthouse-style pens and a storage area.

We chose to call our cattery a "Cat Motel", as we want to treat your cat's time with us as his or her own little holiday!

We would love the opportunity to look after your feline family.

Please call us to arrange when you would like to visit our cattery.