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We support the local rescue kennels

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels

Contact / Find Us

Mark & Catherine Stewart
High Street
Near Berwick Upon Tweed (10 mins)
TD14 5QR

Telephone: 018907 81060
Telephone: 07818678299


If you have any questions regarding any part of the business we'd love to hear from you.


Ayton is in the Scottish Borders, the cattery is located 50 minutes from Edinburgh just off the A1 before Eyemouth, 10 minutes from Berwick Upon Tweed, 20 minutes from Dunbar / East Lothian, we are in easy reach of Duns, Chirnside, Greenlaw, Fouldon, Kelso, Coldstream, Innerwick.(Please scroll down for further details).

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Travelling from Edinburgh (North), we are 10 miles from Berwick Upon Tweed. The road is straight and a pleasant drive. Once you pass Grantshouse, you will drive past Houndwood and then Reston. The next sign will be for Ayton. Make a right turn into Ayton and we are the first house on the left. You can see the white pens in the garden. There is also a sign on the house and the fence.

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Travelling from Newcastle (South), once you reach the roundabout at Berwick Upon Tweed (Morrisons), turn left and head for Edinburgh. After about 10 minutes you will see a sign for Ayton. This road will bring you through the village and we are the last house on the right. If you pass this opening however, you will then see a sign for Eyemouth on the right. Pass this and go straight on. The next sign on the left is for Ayton, bringing you in the back of the village and we are the first house on the left.

Travelling from Duns / Chirnside, you head for Ayton, the road will bring you to a junction entering Ayton (Church in front of you). Turn left and drive up the high street, we are the very last house on the right. Please park in front of our garage.

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Any problems, please contact us on the phone numbers listed above.