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We support the local rescue kennels

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels

Meet Solo

Hello from Solo, the new manager. I hope you like my new page. I was born on the 7th November 2010 and I arrived at Q's Cat Motel on the 4th February 2011. I have settled in quickly. I will add pictures to my page as I grow up. I hope to see you when you visit or if you want to email me direct my new email address is solo@qscatmotel.com. Thanks for looking. Solo

[I had just arrived] [A new bed] [Just stick it in] [What a life!] [What big eyes] [What do you want?] [Stay back I bite!] [Get me another 12 pack] [Feel the heat] [Wash day] [I can see you] [buy 6 bottles and get a cat free] [look at my ears] [let me sleep] [they call me superman] [my new Kiss fleece] [born to be loved] [I'm so tired] [what a fright] [I can't see the tv] [please don't cook me] [bed time] [this tastes like cardboard] [grumpy face] [a new house] [is this my colour?] [stand back or I pee] [Happy Birthday] [another bed] [I've got a beard] [in the cattery] [Send me by air mail]

[Meet Solo]