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We support the local rescue kennels

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels


[Photograph of Q's Cat Motel cattery]The 12 double penthouse-style units are made from PVCu, designed to be hygienic while maintaining a warm, well-ventilated, secure environment. The cattery has been tiled for both hygiene purposes and to provide our guests with a comfortable place to stretch out or roll. Each penthouse unit is large enough to cater for two guests; we do, however, have connecting units for the larger feline family. The units provide a private penthouse sleeping area which has a thermostatically controlled radiator, keeping guests comfortable no matter what the weather.

[Photograph of a single penthouse-style cattery unit at Q's Cat Motel]The sleeping and eating areas are elevated, with the toilet area located below. For our older guests, toilet facilities can be "en-suite", with the litter tray placed in the upper area. Bedding and toys are supplied but you are invited to bring any favourite items from home to make your cat's stay more enjoyable. Below the sleeping quarters are private covered exercise areas. In addition to be being open to the air, they are also sheltered from inclement weather conditions.

Each unit will be thoroughly cleansed between each new arrival and kept to the same high standard throughout each guest's stay. Fresh water is always available and we aim to keep our guests on the same diet as they are normally fed to avoid stress and digestive upsets.

All guests will be closely monitored for any signs of ill health and a veterinary surgeon consulted upon the first signs of any illness.

Love, kisses and lots of cuddles will be given to all guests through out their stay.

Arrivals, collections and visiting

When making your booking, we will ask you to provide us with arrival and departure times. We would appreciate being contacted if these times change. If you would like to visit Q’s Cat Motel, please call us to arrange a suitable time.

Diet, medication, and vaccinations

All clients will be requested to fill out an information card when booking to confirm diet, veterinary surgeon, special needs, etc. We regret that we are unable to provide prescription diets and ask that the necessary amounts are brought with you. There will be a discount given for clients providing the food required during their cat's stay. Please contact us for further details.

For your cat's own safety, we will remove any collars prior to their stay. We are happy to administer your cats medicine. We require that any guest staying at Q's Cat Motel is fully vaccinated against cat 'flu and infectious enteritis. Please ensure you bring your cat's vaccination certificate with you on arrival. Guests arriving without an up-to-date vaccination certificate cannot be accepted.

[Photograph of Q's Cat Motel cattery and house]