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We support the local rescue kennels

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels

Guest Gallery

We'd like to introduce you to some of our guests. We can't guarantee they will be world-famous feline faces, but we're sure they are all stars in their humans eyes. Click one of the photographs to see a larger version in the window below.

[Photograph of the boss] [view of house, approaching from Chirnside, Duns, Berwick-upon-Tweed] [view of house, approaching from Edinburgh, Dunbar, East Linton, Cocksburn Path] [Photograph of bumble] [Photograph of bertie] [Photograph of a black cat with white spot on chest] [Photograph of star] [Photograph of hermione],[Photograph of tiger],[Photograph of q supervising], [Photograph of kirsty & alice] [Photograph of max] [Photograph of sultan] [Photograph of ernie & oscar] [Photograph of toby] [Photograph of oscar & tilly] [Photograph of bam bam] [Photograph of daisy] [Photograph of jake] [Photograph of rio] [Photograph of fidget] [Photograph of fudge] [Photograph of jasper] [Photograph of charlie] [Photograph of max] [Photograph of prso] [Photograph of misty] [Photograph of zale] [Photograph of zebedee] [Photograph of mia] [Photograph of lucy] [Photograph of whitby] [Photograph of whisper] [Photograph of smokie] [Photograph of rosie] [Photograph of maisie] [Photograph of pippin] [Photograph of sooty] [Photograph of kitty] [Photograph of ruby] [Photograph of keira] [Photograph of keeno] [Photograph of sam] [Photograph of poppy] [Photograph of garfy] [Photograph of jake] [Photograph of bella] [Photograph of angus] [Photograph of hermione] [Photograph of tigger] [Photograph of min] [Photograph of dippy] [Photograph of fluffy] [Photograph of hamish] [Photograph of george] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of cattery] [Photograph of jack] [Photograph of daisy] [Photograph of little jack] [Photograph of dave] [Photograph of lucy] [Photograph of henry] [Photograph of bagpuss] [Photograph of immi] [Photograph of shashi] [Photograph of connie] [Photograph of chessey] [Photograph of ozzy] [Photograph of kitty puss] [Photograph of oliver] [Photograph of bandit] [Photograph of hobo] [Photograph of tabby] [Photograph of grey thing] [Photograph of allsorts] [Photograph of liquorice] [Photograph of petra] [Photograph of arnie] [Photograph of jazzy] [Photograph of scooter] [Photograph of mali] [Photograph of poddlie] [Photograph of monty] [Photograph of lune] [Photograph of may] [Photograph of finlay] [Photograph of tilly] [Photograph of louis] [Photograph of samson] [Photograph of mayo] [Photograph of charlie] [Photograph of pebble] [Photograph of patch] [ lucy's back] [Photograph of henry & tudor] [Photograph of willow] [Photograph of alley] [Photograph of robin] [Photograph of fred] [Photograph of jack] [Photograph of erica & delilah] [Photograph of kovu] [Photograph of max] [Photograph of lily] [Photograph of jessica] [Photograph of simba] [Photograph of gizmo] [Photograph of misty] [Photograph of misty] [Photograph of buzz] [Photograph of katkin] [Photograph of calvin] [Photograph of chessie] [Photograph of charlie] [Photograph of shakey] [Photograph of ollie] [Photograph of felix] [Photograph of jess] [Photograph of monty] [Photograph of katie] [Photograph of douglas] [Photograph of mia] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of smudge] [Photograph of smudge] [Photograph of felix] [Photograph of shelly] [Photograph of jack] [Photograph of jill] [Photograph of trudie] [Photograph of jillie] [Photograph of ollie] [Photograph of ambrose] [Photograph of sabrina] [Photograph of sophie] [Photograph of amy] [Photograph of barnie] [Photograph of malachy] [Photograph of humphrey] [Photograph of vinny] [Photograph of suikyi] [Photograph of samuel] [Photograph of tiddles] [Photograph of levi & binks] [Photograph of lc] [Photograph of pip] [Photograph of kizzy] [Photograph of paris] [Photograph of rio] [Photograph of freya] [Photograph of freckle] [Photograph of toffy] [Photograph of ziggy] [Photograph of crotchet] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of tiggy] [Photograph of sooty] [Photograph of foxy] [Photograph of leyla] [Photograph of araminta] [Photograph of ollie] [Photograph of poppy] [Photograph of katy] [Photograph of lizzie] [Photograph of fifi] [Photograph of sambo] [Photograph of doris] [Photograph of jackson & gizzy] [Photograph of kirby] [Photograph of alfie] [Photograph of misty] [Photograph of keira] [Photograph of haggis] [Photograph of neeps] [Photograph of thomas] [Photograph of rosie] [Photograph of cinders] [Photograph of sparky] [Photograph of tommy] [Photograph of rosie] [Photograph of cj] [Photograph of misty] [Photograph of elliot] [Photograph of mako] [Photograph of jasper] [Photograph of jessie] [Photograph of ozzy] [Photograph of miep] [Photograph of tilli] [Photograph of lulu] [Photograph of katy] [Photograph of mr darcy] [Photograph of bramble ] [Photograph of orlando ] [Photograph of goldie ] [Photograph of cuddles ] [Photograph of simba ] [Photograph of tinker & belle ] [Photograph of archie ] [Photograph of sooty ] [Photograph of turpin ] [Photograph of smudge ] [Photograph of brodie ] [Photograph of whiskers ] [Photograph of millie ] [Photograph of cleo ] [Photograph of xena ] [Photograph of lexie ] [Photograph of shackleton ] [Photograph of boris ] [Photograph of seifer ] [Photograph of chloe ] [Photograph of boo ] [Photograph of ollie & bella ] [Photograph of honey ] [Photograph of trixi ] [Photograph of basil ] [Photograph of fraya ] [Photograph of kaiya ] [Photograph of rusty ] [Photograph of smudge ] [Photograph of cheeko ] [Photograph of calvin ] [Photograph of sooty ] [Photograph of sally ] [Photograph of caius ] [Photograph of ellie ] [Photograph of ginger ] [Photograph of chance ] [Photograph of sadie ] [Photograph of kushi ] [Photograph of lennox ] [Photograph of eljie ] [Photograph of barnie ] [Photograph of oscar ] [Photograph of izzy ] [Photograph of belle ] [Photograph of tinker ] [Photograph of wilbur ] [Photograph of mull ] [Photograph of patch ] [Photograph of daisy ] [Photograph of bobby ] [Photograph of charlie ] [Photograph of amber ] [Photograph of chutney ] [Photograph of inka & maya ] [Photograph of shoshana ] [Photograph of tiger ] [Photograph of boris ] [Photograph of newton ] [Photograph of sharma ] [Photograph of oscar ] [Photograph of charlie ] [Photograph of jess ] [Photograph of sophie ] [Photograph of belle ] [Photograph of sootie ] [Photograph of hattie & dudley ] [Photograph of fluffy ] [Photograph of snowy ] [Photograph of corrie ] [Photograph of katie ] [Photograph of cj ] [Photograph of tom ] [Photograph of merlin ] [Photograph of guinivere ] [Photograph of dude ] [Photograph of misty ] [Photograph of marvin ] [Photograph of polly ] [Photograph of mika ] [Photograph of beanz ] [Photograph of ketchup ] [Photograph of jeramy ] [Photograph of tinkerbell ] [Photograph of roxanne ] [Photograph of koshi ] [Photograph of archie ] [Photograph of marmi ] [Photograph of poppi ] [Photograph of flossy ] [Photograph of cheeky ] [Photograph of smudge ] [Photograph of daisy ] [Photograph of willow ] [Photograph of jessica ] [Photograph of louis ] [Photograph of belle & delia ] [Photograph of ginger ] [Photograph of sasha ] [Photograph of coco ] [Photograph of milo ] [Photograph of pepe ] [Photograph of dusty ] [Photograph of ben ] [Photograph of angel ] [Photograph of lilo ] [Photograph of stitch ] [Photograph of rolo ] [Photograph of sushi ] [Photograph of archie ] [Photograph of indie ] [Photograph of maddie ] [Photograph of dora ] [Photograph of poe ] [Photograph of millie ] [Photograph of molly ] [Photograph of monty ] [Photograph of millie ] [Photograph of mickey ] [Photograph of tess ] [Photograph of willow ] [Photograph of belle ] [Photograph of saska ] [Photograph of hairy bear ] [Photograph of monkey pants ] [Photograph of shearer ] [Photograph of muppet ] [Photograph of vinnie ] [Photograph of polly ] [Photograph of nibbles ] [Photograph of solomon ] [Photograph of ando ] [Photograph of hero ] [Photograph of squiggles ] [Photograph of cato ] [Photograph of reay ] [Photograph of jemima ] [Photograph of kitkat ] [Photograph of polo ] [Photograph of tim ] [Photograph of quon ] [Photograph of peaches ] [Photograph of diamond ] [Photograph of ollie ] [Photograph of gromit ] [Photograph of TC ] [Photograph of genghis & ming ] [Photograph of nicky ] [Photograph of jacko ] [Photograph of sox ] [Photograph of mylo ] [Photograph of arya & daenerys ] [Photograph of clarissa ] [Photograph of tilly ] [Photograph of jess ] [Photograph of holly ] [Photograph of bramble & spot ] [Photograph of tiddles] [Photograph of pango] [Photograph of kitty] [Photograph of patch] [Photograph of sparky] [Photograph of holly] [Photograph of mia] [Photograph of marley] [Photograph of blue] [Photograph of maisie] [Photograph of solo] [Photograph of tinker] [Photograph of erin] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of dante] [Photograph of figaro] [Photograph of lucky] [Photograph of pebbles] [Photograph of archie] [Photograph of casper] [Photograph of civa] [Photograph of casper] [Photograph of jacob] [Photograph of bruno] [Photograph of troy] [Photograph of jess] [Photograph of tipsy] [Photograph of tabitha] [Photograph of lucky] [Photograph of fern] [Photograph of tigger] [Photograph of oscar] [Photograph of harry] [Photograph of tru] [Photograph of bluebell] [Photograph of misty] [Photograph of pippin] [Photograph of rocky] [Photograph of jasper] [Photograph of ben] [Photograph of florence] [Photograph of smokey & chloe] [Photograph of cleo] [Photograph of claude] [Photograph of oscar] [Photograph of toby] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of dylan] [Photograph of athabasca] [Photograph of jasper] [Photograph of bluebell] [Photograph of sammy] [Photograph of garfield] [Photograph of petal] [Photograph of socks] [Photograph of enzo] [Photograph of cronje] [Photograph of junko] [Photograph of ace & jack] [Photograph of sox] [Photograph of betty] [Photograph of sasha] [Photograph of hamish] [Photograph of dolly] [Photograph of charlie] [Photograph of hermione] [Photograph of missy] [Photograph of molly] [Photograph of neah] [Photograph of thai] [Photograph of pepper] [Photograph of smudge] [Photograph of jasper] [Photograph of mumbles] [Photograph of lucy] [Photograph of sula] [Photograph of maple] [Photograph of sassie] [Photograph of buddie] [Photograph of gucci] [Photograph of brodie] [Photograph of nero] [Photograph of pumpkin] [Photograph of broom] [Photograph of suzi] [Photograph of bailey] [Photograph of mika] [Photograph of kassy] [Photograph of haggis] [Photograph of beau] [Photograph of lainey] [Photograph of jerry]


[Gallery of Q's Cat Motel guests]

Q's Cat Motel Guests